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'In the past few years Twisted Tales has become a major force in the promotion and appreciation of horror fiction. As well as putting on author readings and signings at bookshops it has expanded into organising larger events, bringing authors and critics together for discussions of the field. I've been involved in quite a few of both and have found them hugely enjoyable and stimulating - I believe the audiences did as well. May Twisted Tales continue to grow and prosper! If you love the field, support them! I do.' - Ramsey Campbell

‘Twisted Tales consistently produce well-organised events for writers and readers of horror. What really distinguishes Twisted Tales for me is the intelligent themes and investigations they pursue, and the high quality of the discussions they always stimulate. As an author I've been invited to three of their events and have been pleasantly startled, to near shocked, by the attendance levels - two out of three were even sold out. I salute anyone who contributes so much to the literary and cultural life of horror fiction.’- Adam Nevill

'Twisted Tales events are wonderful... a great way of promoting 21st century horror fiction. Supported by Waterstone's Liverpool One and really well organised, Twisted Tales brings together established names in the genre as well as new voices and of course readers. Looking forward to much more to come...' - Alison J. Littlewood

Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Black Static

In Twisted Tales #2 (and incidentally, Twisted Tales #3 - but more on that another time) we are presenting a Black Static showcase. But what is Black Static? In answer to that question publicity director Roy Gray sent us this response:

Black Static #3 by David Gentry
Black Static is where an author, either aspiring or established, who wants to write horror or dark fantasy fiction can publish their short stories. The magazine offers a chance of recognition, an appearance in print, a few thousand readers, influential reviews, a professional sale, good editing, and an exceptional layout for their work. 

It began  life as The Third Alternative, founded by TTA Press in 1994 (hence the letters TTA). When TTA took on the already long running Interzone magazine in 2004 it provided an opportunity to remove the science fiction and fantasy from The Third Alternative, allowing it to focus on the darker side of speculative fiction. The magazine was rechristened as Black Static to emphasise that shift and to give prospective readers a clearer idea of what the magazine was all about.

Black Static has earned praise for its style, bravery, editorial and fiction content. Its stories are innovative and daring, never afraid to shock or disturb, yet always entertaining.

Black Static #10 by David Gentry
After only three years into what will hopefully be a long and successful life, the magazine has already published work by some of the finest horror writers working today, including: Christopher Fowler, Stephen Volk, Lisa Tuttle, Nicholas Royle, Conrad Williams, Tony Richards, Scott Nicholson, Steve Rasnic Tem, Cody Goodfellow, Mélanie Fazi, Michael Marshall Smith, Simon Clark, Graham Joyce, Gary McMahon, Paul Finch, and Joel Lane, to name just a few. Meanwhile, upcoming authors such as Simon Kurt Unsworth, Aliette de Bodard, Daniel Kaysen, Shannon Page, Roz Clarke, Ray Cluley, Sarah Totton, James Cooper, Nina Allan, and Eric Gregory are starting careers within its pages.

A unique fiction magazine requires unique presentation which Black Static duly delivers with the extraordinary original artwork in every issue (samples of which can be seen on this page) and a design that delights in breaking rules.

Every issue contains "White Noise": horror and dark fantasy news compiled by Peter Tennant. Peter also provides all the book reviews in his "Case Notes" column. Tony Lee reviews DVD/Blu-ray releases in his "Blood Spectrum" Column. Christopher Fowler, Stephen Volk and Mike O'Driscoll write thought-provoking comment columns, and every issue presents an opportunity for the reader to win a selection of great horror-related prizes.

Black Static is published bimonthly (in alternate months to Interzone). You can subscribe to the print version (with discounted joint subscription to both magazines) at the TTA Press website shop, or buy e-editions at Fictionwise. Free mp3 audio readings of some stories are also available to download at Transmissions From Beyond.
Black Static #14 Front and Rear Covers by Dave Senecal

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  1. I've read Interzone on and off for a number of years and had been meaning to try out Black Static some time. Maybe I'll pick up a copy if I come down to the event.


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