Praise for Twisted Tales Events

'In the past few years Twisted Tales has become a major force in the promotion and appreciation of horror fiction. As well as putting on author readings and signings at bookshops it has expanded into organising larger events, bringing authors and critics together for discussions of the field. I've been involved in quite a few of both and have found them hugely enjoyable and stimulating - I believe the audiences did as well. May Twisted Tales continue to grow and prosper! If you love the field, support them! I do.' - Ramsey Campbell

‘Twisted Tales consistently produce well-organised events for writers and readers of horror. What really distinguishes Twisted Tales for me is the intelligent themes and investigations they pursue, and the high quality of the discussions they always stimulate. As an author I've been invited to three of their events and have been pleasantly startled, to near shocked, by the attendance levels - two out of three were even sold out. I salute anyone who contributes so much to the literary and cultural life of horror fiction.’- Adam Nevill

'Twisted Tales events are wonderful... a great way of promoting 21st century horror fiction. Supported by Waterstone's Liverpool One and really well organised, Twisted Tales brings together established names in the genre as well as new voices and of course readers. Looking forward to much more to come...' - Alison J. Littlewood

About Us

Twisted Tales promote the very best of 21st-century horror across a range of different media, from live events to critical reviews. Founded by David McWilliam and Glyn Morgan in 2010, the first event was held on the 29th October and attended by over 65 people. Building on this success, Twisted Tales have since run events across the North West, spreading out from our base in Waterstones Liverpool One to Lancaster and Manchester.

Co-Founder, Editor-in-Chief, and Events Coordinator: David McWilliam 
David is a Lecturer in Film Studies and English Literature at Keele University. His thesis looked at representations of American monstrous criminals in the neoconservative era. He has published on the parallels between the neoconservative rhetoric on terrorism and vampire hunters in Joe Ahearne's Ultraviolet (Gothic Studies), entries on 'Cenobites', 'Freddy Krueger', 'Pinhead' and 'Psychopaths' (Ashgate Encyclopdeia of Literary and Cinematic Monsters), and school shootings (Violence in American Popular Culture), with forthcoming articles on neo-Victorian engagements with neoliberal austerity in Ripper Street (Victoriographies) and posthuman creationism in Prometheus (Journal of the Fantastic in the Arts). David is a critic of contemporary genre fiction and criticism whose reviews have appeared in Horror Studies, The Gothic Imagination, Vector, Foundation, the Interzone website, and Strange Horizons.

Co-Founder, Principal Events Coordinator, and Webmaster: Glyn Morgan

Glyn is a Ph.D researcher and tutor at the University of Liverpool supervised by Andy Sawyer and David Seed. His thesis is a study of non-mimetic fictions relating to the Holocaust. He also works part-time at Waterstones Liverpool One where he is responsible for the Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror and Graphic Novels section of the store and runs two book clubs which discuss such material. Glyn organises the popular postgraduate Current Research in Speculative Fiction conferences held at the University of Liverpool each year since 2011.

If you are an author who is interested in appearing at a Twisted Tales event, or simply have any questions or comments. You can contact David or Glyn at:

Crime Editor: David Schmid
David is an Associate Professor in the Department of English at the University at Buffalo. The winner of the Milton Plesur and the SUNY Chancellor’s Awards for Excellence in Teaching, he teaches courses in British and American fiction, cultural studies, and popular culture. Born and raised in England, he received his B.A. from Oxford University, his M.A. from the University of Sussex, and his Ph.D. from the Modern Thought and Literature Program at Stanford University. He has published on a variety of subjects, including celebrity, film adaptation, Dracula, and crime fiction and he is the author of Natural Born Celebrities: Serial Killers in American Culture, published by the University of Chicago Press in 2005. He is currently working on two book-length projects: From the Locked Room to the Globe: Space in Crime Fiction, and Murder Culture: Why Americans are Obsessed by Homicide.

Film Editor
: Neil McRobert

Neil recently completed his doctorate in English Literature at the University of Stirling. His research concerns the conjunction of Gothic fiction and postmodernism, in particular the growth in popularity of self-conscious or metafictional writing within the horror genre. His other interests include the contemporary horror film (especially in post-9/11 culture), late-Victorian fiction and the rise of online, or cyber, horror. He has published on some of these topics already and is the co-editor of Transgression and its Limits (Cambridge Scholars Press, 2012). He blogs for other websites, including The Gothic Imagination and Far Out Magazine. However, he does not have an academic job and the minute and will accept any and all donations!

Games Editor
: Matthew Dawkins
Matthew (YouTube's The Gentleman Gamer) has been tabletop role-playing since the age of 18 and making RPG-related videos for his popular YouTube channel since 2009. While in recent years his primary focus has been World of Darkness games, he runs, plays in and reviews a multitude of others. Matthew has recently entered the realm of writing for RPGs, having contributed to the Book of the Wyrm 20th Anniversary edition for Werewolf: The Apocalypse, and Sothis Ascends for Mummy: The Curse

Television Editor
: Eleanor Beal
Eleanor recently completed her doctoral thesis in English Literature at Lancaster University. Her research concerns the conjunction of Catholicism and sexuality in Gothic fiction and horror film and focuses on its trans-national and contemporary contexts. She is especially interested in the post-secular theologies of transgressive texts and their relationship to history, nationalism, politics and gender theory. Eleanor has published on the topics of religion, female sexuality, cinema and spectacle in relation to post-modern Gothic writing and has previously held the post of postgraduate representative on the editorial board for Gothic Studies.

Ramsey Campbell reading at the first Twisted Tales in Waterstone's Liverpool One